Margaret Randall

Today, we’re celebrating our work with Margaret Randall, poet, feminist, activist, and long-term mentor to our Creative Director Sabrina! A powerful interview for our film-in-production, Be the Beauty, and our sponsorship of the release of Margaret’s Selected Poems in  September at none other than City Lights Bookstore (more about that when the time comes!) are just two of the projects we are honored to be working on with her.

We were also thrilled to hear in person recently about a trip taken by the tirelessly active 81-year old Margaret to Cuba, where she lived and participated in the revolution; a country where, as Margaret writes, “books cost the equivalent of fifty U.S. cents, artists and writers are supported, and culture is high on the list of the revolution’s priorities.”

Please read more here about the visit that Margaret made with her artist wife Barbara Byers, and her writer son Gregory Randall in early March for the Matanzas Book Fair