“Poetry is knowledge, salvation, power, abandonment. An operation capable of changing the world, poetic activity is revolutionary by nature; a spiritual exercise; it is a means of interior liberation. Poetry reveals this world; it creates another.” – Octavio Paz


Illuminating the Intersection of Art and Mindfulness

ENGAGING THE SENSES FOUNDATION was created to honor the senses; to support and sustain the ability to see, smell, taste, touch, and hear our way to a consciously lived life. Our main emphasis is on waking up through the art of poetry, that “universal language that the heart holds with nature and itself” which can fulfill our primal human need for beauty and serve as a portal to mindfulness, inspiration, connection, and transformation.

Now, as perhaps never before, we must turn to the great arts like poetry to remind us of our best selves and help guide us through the often bewildering social and political landscape. By offering dramatic films based on the lives of great poets, poetry documentaries, and mindfulness teachings that prepare us for the truths contained in poetry, along with direct support of literary organizations and presentations that bring poems and poets to underserved communities, schools, town halls, and libraries, Engaging the Senses Foundation is committed to the luminosity of the human spirit as it engages with the world through “art [as] a form of active prayer.”


“I think in times of cataclysmic change, poetry is the only language that will do. It’s the only language that speaks to the horror and the wonder, the reality and the mystery. It can hold both questions and answers at the same time without giving a pat solution or a self-help formula. Your favorite poem might be an outcry of rage that frees your voice to fill every inch of your body, mind, and being. Or it might be a poem of the inner life that returns you to a sense of wholeness. The great mystic Hildegard of Bingen said, ‘When the inner and the outer are wedded, revelation occurs.’” – Kim Rosen