Our Vision


ENGAGING THE SENSES FOUNDATION was created to honor the senses; to support and sustain the ability to see, smell, taste, touch, hear, and intuit our way to a consciously lived life. 

Our main emphasis is on waking up through the art of poetry, that “universal language that the heart holds with nature and itself” which can fulfill our primal human need for beauty and serve as a portal to mindfulness, inspiration, connection, and transformation.

Our collaborative partnerships, initiatives, and films embody the belief that engaging the senses and awakening mindfulness through the arts can help to educate and enrich society as a whole.

Our Partners

ETSF develops films, narratives and initiatives in partnership with literary organizations, art councils, universities, and other cultural institutions and non-profits to support the arts
in order to effect lasting positive social change and awareness.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Nate Yuen, Lā‘ie Point, Oahu; Taiji Terasaki, Microcellular Pathways; Marissa Abadir, Maile lei; Brian Kimmel, Mountain Apple; Hawaii State Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DoFAW), Drinking Glass (Koai‘e) Rainforest on Kaua‘i; California Arts Council, Native Fiber Artists.