Jonathan Kinsman

Poet Laureate of Sutter Yuba County
2014 – 2018

Reading (four poems) Around the Kitchen; Yard; Along the Way; Adept at Play

Jonathan Kinsman fell in love with creating poetry in high school. He met his wife as a result of his words. He wants others to feel that love of the art form, “I fell into a pond of words in my teenage years. The mud of it permeated my skin.” Jonathan served as poet laureate of Sutter Yuba County during which he hosted events as part of National Poetry Month that offered opportunities for local poets and writers of all ages to share their work. Kinsman hopes participants were bitten by the poetry bug as a result. “Poetry is so common that it is overlooked as an essential part of our humanity and gift of language,” Kinsman said. “When we write and recite a poem, we are continuing a tradition in mankind’s culture that predates written history, written music and theater.”