Intuition: Quotes

A selection of quotes for our Intuition Section.

Remember -by Joy Harjo

Remember the sky that you were born under,
know each of the star’s stories…

You’ll know it — as you know tis Noon -by Emily Dickinson

You’ll know it — as you know ’tis Noon —
By Glory — …

Snapshots of a Daughter-In-Law –by Adrienne Rich

You, once a belle in Shreveport,
with henna-colored hair, skin like a peachbud…

Tea Recipes to Strengthen Your Intuition

These are 6 tea recipes that you can follow to help strengthen your energy and your connection with your soul and intuition.

Before the Beginning, Kim Rosen and Jami Sieber

Kim Rosen, spoken word artist delivering a poem by R. M. Rilke (translated by Kim Rosen and Maria Krekeler), Music by Jami Sieber (cello) and joined by Michaelle Goerlitz on percussion and Julie Wolf on melodica.

Dance… poetry by Rumi, performed by Kim Rosen, Jami Sieber

“Dance with the Bandage Torn Off” a poem by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks is spoken by Kim Rosen with music by Jami Sieber with Julie Wolf, David Worm, Michaelle Goerlitz, Susu Pampanin

IF I GO TO WAR NOW by Kim Rosen & Jami Sieber

Poem: “Pilgrim” by Kim Rosen
Music by Jami Sieber
Spoken Word by Kim Rosen