Tasting: Quotes

As Rilke observed, love requires a progressive shortening of the senses: I can see you for miles; I can hear you for blocks, I can smell you, maybe, for a few feet, but I can only touch on contact, taste as I devour. – William H. Gass

Let the stoics say what they please, we do not eat for the good of living, but because the meat is savory and the appetite is keen. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The secret of food lies in memory – of thinking and then knowing what the taste of cinnamon or steak is. – Jerry Saltz

Taste every fruit of every tree in the garden at least once.  It is an insult to creation not to experience it fully. Temperance is wickedness. – Stephen Fry

One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Of all smells, bread; of all tastes, salt. – George Herbert