California Arts Council

California Arts Council is committed to advancing California through the arts and creativity, envisioning a California where the lives of all Californians are enriched by access to and participation in a diverse spectrum of cultural experiences; where the arts ecosystem reflects contributions from all of California’s populations; where students
are provided with quality arts education so that they can reach their full potential; and where the arts enjoy strong, sustained public support and are woven into the fabric of daily life, promoting civic engagement, encouraging collective problem solving and building bridges across cultures. ETSF has partnered with the CAC to support the production of DREAM Magazine, an annual publication that features voices and stories from across the state, sharing a glimpse into the depth of impact of creativity and cultural expression in a region as large and diverse as California. Past projects between ETSF and the CAC include collaboration for a day of comprehensive workshops, filmed conversations, and readings with eighty past and present local and state California Poets Laureate under the direction of former California Poet Laureate Dana Gioia (past National Endowment for the Arts Chairman), in 2019.