Dreaming with California Arts Council

We are pleased to share the news that California Arts Council has created DREAM, an annual publication devoted to news of the thriving arts and cultural landscape of California. The first issue is a cornucopia of articles about creative artists and events in the world’s fifth leading economy. California is a state that nurtures its artists, and cares deeply about justice and the way it intersects with the arts; the California Arts Council as a public arts grantor covers all 58 counties in the state, with an emphasis on racial equity and the knowledge that art and real-world solutions go hand in hand.

The first edition of DREAM is a beautiful example of the rich diversity amongst creatives in the state. Articles include an in-depth look at  a partnership supporting traditional agricultural knowledge and art between the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation and the Mariposa County Arts Council, which addresses wildfire concerns; a moving story about a Mexican-American artist became involved with the artists against the seeming barriers of autism and poverty; a love letter to the power and opulence of Black creatives; a story about the brilliant young indigenous woman who is the new editor of the magazine News From Native California; and a deep dive into the work of the Lenora Lee Dance company, which spotlights and gives visibility to Asian American dance and storytelling. We are also pleased to have a feature in DREAM about the ongoing partnership between UC Berkeley/Arts Research Center’s Poetry and the Senses project and Engaging the Senses Foundation.

And these are only a part of the treasure trove to be found within the pages of DREAM! We’re delighted to play a small part in the publication of this valuable ongoing project. We’re inspired to know more about what’s going on in California’s vibrant cultural terrain, and know you will be too. Be sure to check out California Arts Council’s press release and don’t forget to access the publication here!