Cynthia Patton

Poet Laureate of Livermore
2017 – 2022

Reading A Place to Call Home

Cynthia J. Patton, poet and memoirist, has written two books on wetland restoration and a poetry collection, Across An Aqueous Moon: Travels in Autism (Finishing Line Press, 2016). Her award-winning work has appeared in fifteen anthologies, numerous publications, her blog, An Unplanned Life, and onstage. The Museum of Motherhood featured her work in 2015. Patton is an attorney, activist, educator, and founder of the nonprofit organization, Autism A to Z. She serves as the city of Livermore’s poet laureate (2017-2022) and hosts numerous literary events, including Verse and Vine: Poetry in Livermore Wine Country and the long-running Whistlestop Writers Open Mic. The Bay Area native serves as a Poet-Teacher with California Poets in the Schools. She is completing another poetry collection plus a memoir, My Guardian Angel Sings the Blues, on her unconventional journey to motherhood.