Please Join Us in Enjoying the Offerings of Skirball at Home

We are always inspired by Skirball Cultural Center, our wonderful partner in the arts, poetry, and mindfulness. Since 1996, Los Angeles’ Skirball has been a place of meeting, “guided by the Jewish tradition of welcoming the stranger,” and by democratic ideals of freedom and equality. It is among the leading cultural venues in Los Angeles, “hospitable to and inclusive of all communities and committed to promoting cultural experiences that foster human connections and help build a more just society.”


We have been honored to help support Skirball programs and exhibitions in the past, including the groundbreaking Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Deft and responsive in t he face of our current vastly changed environment during the Covid-19 pandemic, the center has now created Skirball at Home, a virtual meeting place, “where we can continue to stay in community, celebrate hope and discovery, and explore ways to build a better world together.” Although meetings on the beautiful campus are much missed, Skirball has rapidly evolved to providing intensive online classes for adults, and a virtual classroom for children that includes lesson plans that explore community, culture, and new beginnings. The center also has a robust social media presence through their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles, ensuring that we can all continue to access highlights from their always-dynamic museum collection as well as at-home art projects, behind-the-scenes staff content, and peaceful nature photos from the stunning Skirball grounds.

We’re delighted to support two online classes this season, including the (already sold out) Creative Writing Workshop where students will gather virtually with instructor Lesley Hyatt to tap into creativity, and enjoy the company and feedback of other writers in an intimate workshop. Participants have eagerly signed on from as far away as Canada and Florida! You can learn about other classes and future online creative writing opportunities from Skirball by signing up for their newsletter.

We are also continuing to support Skirball’s Being Here Now: Jewish Meditation at Home, scheduled for Wednesdays from June 10–24, 7:00–8:00 pm. Over three sessions, students will experience modern Jewish meditation techniques as well as ancient Jewish mystical and contemplative practices with instructor Alison Laichter, the founding director of the Jewish Meditation Center in New York City and an international leader of Jewish spiritual practice.

We can all use techniques to help us still our minds, hearts, and bodies during this tumultuous time. And it’s worth remembering that meditation doesn’t need to be daunting or even overly serious. Past students of the meditation course have said, “The teacher, Alison Laichter, immediately made us feel welcome with her warm, funny and relaxed manner.” Alison has taught meditation from various disciplines at schools, museums, retreat centers, synagogues, JCCs, hospitals, festivals, and conferences, all with the intention and understanding that truly sustainable repair of the world happens from the inside out.

We believe this with all our hearts and everything we do. Please join us in participating in the many soul-sustaining offerings that Skirball Cultural Center provides so generously!